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Our Staff

Mrs. Kim  (Tweety)

Kim Allen is a mother of two and a wife. She earned her master’s degree in 2011 and has multiple years of early childhood experience.  After receiving her master’s Kim went on to study and research child psychology. After having her first child, Kim’s perspective regarding children transformed her. She had a newfound desire to take a deep drive into childhood development and pursue it fulltime.  Kim became impassioned about child development, and she knew she wanted to pay it forward in the childcare industry.  Kim further studied early childhood development, took the necessary courses and certifications required by the state of Maryland and she became a day center director.​

Ms. Deandra (DeeDee)

Deándra, graduated from SUNY Old Westbury with a BA in History. She is a proud member of the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society. She has a desire to learn and teach, and that passion for all things educational afforded her the opportunity to spend 3 years teaching English as a second language to children and adults in China. She also rose to the occasion of being a Foreign Assistant Manager during that time.  DeeDee’s teaching experience in China, provides her with an outstanding foundation and where withal to foster an excitement and a thirst to learn for the Kids at Joyful Kids In Care daycare.

Mr. Josh (Babe)

Josh Allen is Kim’s husband and the father of her two children. In daycare he is known as Mr. Allen AKA BABE! Babe, because the kids mimic what they hear. When Kim calls for Josh, if he is on premise, she calls him Babe; and the kids repeat what they hear!  Babe, in his early twenties was a professional soccer player and gave up the cleats to peruse a corporate life. He currently holds a prestigious position at NASA as a system safety engineer and on the weekends, he coaches youth soccer teams. With his natural abilities as a father and coach it is no surprise that he steps in as needed at Joyful kids In Care daycare.

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